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Our Mission

The United Outreach Foundation works to support homeless youth, feed the hungry, and preserve the planet.

Food Insecurity

In the United States, nearly 42 million people struggle with food insecurity, of that number, 11 million are children and over 5 million are seniors.
When people experience food insecurity they sometimes have to make the choice of eating or paying the rent. Eating, or purchasing the medicine they need. These are hard choices with disparities at either end. Children that are subject to food insecurity are at a much higher risk for asthma, depression and poorer performance academically and physically. The face of hunger has gradually changed in America, with its suburbs experiencing an increase over its larger cities. Millions of working Americans are dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing where their next meal will come from. United Outreach is focused on bringing resources to the local food pantries in each community. Please join us in supporting our local food drives to deliver much needed nourishment and aid.

Aid Homeless Youth

Homelessness within the youth population can occur for a variety of reasons. Many are escaping abusive homes, emancipating from the foster care system or were raised on the street with parents who had sadly fallen victim to the cycle of homelessness. Studies reveal that there are approximately 2.4 million youth experiencing homelessness each year in the United States. In Los Angeles alone, over 3,000 youth experience homelessness on any given night. United Outreach is working to support the care of these youth, not just for their immediate needs of food, clothing, health and safety, but for the betterment of their future and the end of the cycle. Please help to protect the future of our youth community. Your tax deducible donation will go towards food, clothing, counseling, medical needs and education for these young people in need, ages 12- 25. Your kind and compassionate support is greatly appreciated.

Planet Preservation

Mother Earth. Planet. Terra. World. No matter what we choose to call it, one fact is undeniable: We all share this beautiful space for as long as we are here. We are all responsible for the care and protection of our abode. Mother Earth needs our help. Our beaches should be filled with life, not trash. Los Angeles County alone encounters tons of trash flowing into its ocean on a regular basis. Toxic chemicals used in consumer products, plastics and emissions all take its toll on the planet we call home. We share this home with many other creatures, both by land and sea. As stewards of the planet, we are responsible for the protection of these beings as well. Join United Outreach as we endeavor to keep the oceans clean, community gardens flourishing, and the animals within our community safe and free from harm or neglect. Please join us for our upcoming fundraisers and activities, to help and support and honor our beautiful planet.